Open Arms Malawi

Open Generation is an organization whose mission is to help the British NGO Open Arms Malawi to raise funds for children in Malawi and improve their quality of life.

Our goal is to combine the beauty of art with the quest for donations and humanitarian aid. Art is the medium through which we operate, highlighting emerging young artists whose works sensitize our audiences about how, why, and in what ways we seek to inspire and engage all generations on global issues.


Open Arms Malawi is a charity that currently supports over 500 children and 300 families in Malawi. The country of Malawi is in a constant state of emergency and is yet to face the biggest famine in years. Crises such as poverty, droughts, and the HIV virus have left mothers unable to care for their children. Now, there is a tragic number of children who are malnourished, of which 1.3 million must grow up as orphans without any family support.

It is our mission to help these children with your support.

We want to use the generational range and accessibility of art in order to offer countries like Malawi a better life. Every country and generation deserve a chance!


Our founder Marie Frauenschuh has been working with Open Arms Malawi since 2016. At that time, she pursued the goal of finding a charity that matched her concerns and aspirations.

What once started as a donation of self-designed hoodies evolved into a desire to form a long-term partnership. Now we want to use our platform to draw attention to this cause and work together to give back to the world and to Charity Open Arms, Malawi.

Now in the year 2022 and together with Jelena, Vassilis, Kalliopi, Johanna Elisabeth and Elisa we call ourselves:

Open Generation for Open Arms Malawi.