'Freezing Time'


The idea of freezing time comes to contradict the incrementally stressful times of the modern world, which have created a complete detachment from societal problems on a global scale.

Open Generation instigates a time freeze, where the chance and comfort to look at the now from the global perspective of an outsider is no longer a luxury. We freeze time, as time has become a negligible concept in our effort to bridge generational gaps and unite all generations. Our mission? To pass down a transformed future to the next generations to come.

This theme transcends time to bring together generations. Open Generation creates a safe space for people from diverse backgrounds to unite under the umbrella of humanitarian aid, a common goal and mission for all.

This year Open Generation will freeze time at "Bei Tomschy". The renowned restaurant will partner with Open Generation to celebrate the beginning of a movement. "Bei Tomschy" will become the ultimate location where the time stops and our guests can enjoy the moment.

The venue will transform into an Ice Kingdom, embellished by the works of artist Philipp Pohn. Philipp will create pieces that immerse the guests into the arctic world. Light installations, 3D art and theme-inspired decorations will come together to freeze "Bei Tomschy" into the universe of Open Generation. A celebration that halts time in the most spectacular way, overlooking the Austrian Alps. It is all about living life in the now.

This year, Open Generation honors "Bei Tomschy"
partnership with philipp pohn's ideas. We show that fundraising can be combined in a party setting to bring generations together.