Philipp was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Austria, in a small village near Salzburg. Throughout his artistic career he has always been drawn to the topic of the human condition.

His work focuses on the human body and the key events that compose the essentials of the human existence: birth, aspiration, spirituality, conflict, social behaviour, and death. In his experimental process of making art, he prioritises the stage of the spontaneous mind, in its unconstrained state, when pure artistic expression can take place. Within each of his works, he aims to question the role of art in society, to explore how art reflects humanity, human struggles, and livelihood. As an artist he strives to transform the meaning of the mundane. Open Generation is Philipp's outlet to create impactful work and build a community that is driven by the transformative nature of his art. The ultimate goal? To perplex, challenge and problematize the audience.

Together with "Bei Tomschy" and the support of Frauenschuh, Phillip will work on art pieces which will adorn the famous Kitzbühel Restaurant, based on our theme of 'Freezing Time'. His art pieces will aim to symbolize the theme of freezing time, to create a unique experience for guests which will engage viewers in the frozen world of Open Generation.