Our Vision

It's time to unite and inspire

Open Generation offers young artists a platform that allows them to realise their vision without any traditional boundaries or generational prejudice. The goal is to create a tolerant community without preconceptions and reach a fundamental, cross-generational understanding. Instead of differences, the non-profit organisation "Open Generation" prioritises values such as creativity, inspiration and collaboration.

We believe that through open expression, we can begin to create perspective and ultimately erase divisions between generations.


Our Mission: We want to create a community that unites all generations by utilising creative and timeless media such as art. We must all work together in order to reach our goal of making the world a better place.


Our Belief: In order to create an open and inclusive generation, we must bridge the gaps formed by gender and age biases. Only then will we be able to undertake essential issues and create a future for all generations.


Our Team: We are a group of young people who want to stand up for the lives of current and future generations and appeal to the strength found in tolerance and collaboration.

It is time to unite and inspire!

Our Team

Inspired by the ' Voices of the Youth'

Marie-Paule Frauenschuh

Founder & Executive Director

Jelena Milovic

Head of Finance

Vassilis Konstantinou

Creative Director

Elisa Yimei Wang

Head of Communications

Elisabeth Wulffen

Head of PR

Johanna Rosa

Head of Operations

Kalliopi Glentze

Head of Charity

Frauenschuh x Open Generation

The organisation Open Generation was founded by the young generation of the Frauenschuh Family. With their creativity and the resources, they received growing up within the fashion brand, they believed they could build an organisation that could concurrently support young artists and change the world for the better.

When founding this organisation, they drew inspiration from the core values of the fashion brand. Frauenschuh remains true to its quality and traditions and implements a future oriented approach through sustainable products.

At the core of the organisation is Marie Frauenschuh. She grew up with an appreciation for nature, the environment and a sense of community and is convinced that, together with Frauenschuh, Open Generation can pave the way for a thoughtful, revolutionary and open-minded society.