Our goal is to combine the beauty of art and fundraising for the charity Open Arms Malawi to help them build brighter futures for children in Malawi.

The ‚FREEZING TIME‘ party is a place where music and art meet with the quest for humanitarian aid, featuring the art pieces of a young artist Philipp Pohn.
For more information please visit our ‚Events‘, ‚Artists‘ and ‚Charity‘ pages.

LOCATION: Hochkitzbühel bei Tomschy, Kitzbühel, Austria
DATE AND TIME: Saturday, December 17, 12:00PM
€ 30 pre 15:00
€ 40 post 15:00
(Deposits to be paid at the beginning of December through the 2nd registration form.)

We are sorry to inform you, that we have reached full capacity. 
BUT you can try to get one of the last spots at the entry of BeiTomschy!

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